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(LIVER DETOX) Liver Detox Formula


How to use:

Take one serving, five (5) vegan capsules of Liver Detox daily. You can take either all at once or spread throughout

the day or as recommended by your healthcare provider. Suggested use is with a meal and 12-16oz of water.

Our bodies are exposed to more toxins today than ever before. These come from environmental contaminants as well

as things like alcohol and medications.

While one organ is not more important than another, when it comes to detoxifying your body, the liver is the workhorse of your built-in detoxification system.

All the blood leaving the stomach and intestines passes through the liver. This allows the liver to remove harmful chemicals and toxins that have entered the bloodstream before breaking down healthy nutrients from food that are then transported throughout the body. The toxins that are removed from the bloodstream via liver detoxifying processes are turned into bile, and the bile is then released by the gallbladder into the intestines to aid in digestion.

Along with your liver detoxifying the body, it performs well over 300 other functions: producing cholesterol, regulating amino acids, building proteins, and pulling excess glucose from the blood to store it as glycogen.

The kidneys are also important in detoxing the body as they work as a filter for blood before it recirculates through the heart, and then they eliminate filtered waste through urine.

We produced Liver Detox to give your hard-working detoxification system the proper nutritional aids it needs to cleanse and function optimally. The ingredients in Liver Detox encourage the production and excretion of bile, which increases metabolism and the removal of toxins by the liver and kidneys restoring your glutathione levels to normal.

It is impossible to prevent toxins from entering the body, so give your body a helping hand at eliminating those toxins with 1st Phorm’s Liver Detox.

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