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Our Core Values


At Next Level Hair Designs we are a community (a family) of professionals that is thoroughly committed to enhancing and reinforcing a positive image of one’s self.  We understand life can be filled with challenges and negativity.  We believe the purpose of our existence is to make you feel better on the inside through our compassionate nature and talented artistry.  Relationship are built on values such as honesty, trust, and confidence.  Our Core Values are not just words or phrases it’s our culture, our way of life, what we stand by, what we stand for and how we develop relationships.  We use our core values to make every decision in our business and in our lives.  They’re our road map, our rules to live by, ensuring our philosophy and standards have integrity and are not compromised.  Our core values are as sacred to us, just as sacred as our relationships with our guests.


1. Guests Are Family

We are obsessed with providing an amazing experience for our guests. We live by our value of “Guest First”. It is essential for each team member to take ownership as everyone plays an integral role in making each guest feel unbelievably special. We graciously go the extra mile, paying attention to the little details to ensure our guest are more than happy with their experience and service. Our overarching goal is to far exceed our guest’s expectations, fill them with genuine happiness, and have them experiencing firsthand how they will be treated as a beloved member of our family.


2. Accountability 

We take our profession seriously and because of this each team member holds each other accountable to perform at the highest level of character, conduct and ethics. Most importantly we hold ourselves to the highest level of professionalism and accountability to our valued guests.


3. Manifest Creativity

Our skilled craft is one of limitless creativity while balancing the complexities of hair chemistry. We recruit talented artists who can successfully meld creativity and the professional knowledge of the science of hair coloring and retexturing. Collectively our team of creative professionals work together to achieve something just as unique and beautiful as each of our guests.


4. Express Gratitude

We understand people have a lot of choices. Choices on how they spend their money, how to best make use of their valuable time, and who they are going to support. We take the decision of choosing us wholeheartedly and that is why every interaction whether it is a phone call or visit, you will be treated with the utmost respect, appreciation, and gratitude.


5. Take Extraordinary Pride

Service is more than just what happens when a guest is greeted or the results from the artist, it is also how comfortable they are during their visit. Rest assured with confidence knowing we take pride in adhering to stringent cleaning and maintenance schedules ensuring a clean and safe environment.


6. Be Collaborative

We have a vested interest in the complete satisfaction of every guest that visits us. We work collectively, sharing knowledge, insight, and encourage each other to be the very best version of ourselves we can be on both a professional and personal level. Individually we face challenges however collectively as a team we will overcome adversities.


7. Commit To Lifetime Education

We strive for excellence in every aspect of our business and lives. We believe in the combination of professional and personal growth to achieve ultimate success and fulfillment in our business and in life. The great separator between those who are just good and those that are great is the willingness and desire to dedicate your life to continuous improvement. We are committed to continued education and making improvements so we can achieve the pinnacle of excellence.


8. Unwavering Integrity

If you aspire for excellence a key principal in life is to always do the right thing even when no one is watching. We live by this principal and will honoring our commitments to the team, our guests, and our community. We have virtue and will not waiver from our principles and values.


9. Excellence Is The Standard

We believe the way you do one thing is the way you do everything. We strive for excellence not just within our company but also in how we live our lives. We hold ourselves and our team to the highest standards of performance and professionalism. We strive to not only achieve goals but far exceed them pushing ourselves to the ultimate level of excellence.


10. Exceptional Consistency

Whether it’s a guest’s first or hundredth time visiting they will consistently receive outstanding treatment and service. Our goal is to exceed the customer’s expectation with every interaction taking their experience to the next level.

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