Our Story

It started with a vision…a vision to build a salon…a salon unique from others…a salon where you felt at home and a member of a family…a salon that would exceed expectations, where excellence is the expectation. 

In 2004 that vision became a reality when the doors first opened for Sensations Salon & Spa.  After a decade-and-a-half of consistently providing thousands of guests with exceptional service we earned a reputation for quality and excellence. 

In 2020 we felt it was time to reinvented ourselves.  Technology has evolved, this profession requires intense education, and keeping up with the trends is forever constant.  We knew if we wanted to continue to offer our guests a consistently exceptional experience and stay relevant in this competitive market, we were going to have to make some significant changes.

We decided to eliminate our ancillary services to focus solely on what we do best and what built our reputation…hair services.  By eliminating other services, we were no longer limited to simply focusing on styling, coloring, or retexturing services instead this consolidation afforded us the opportunity to prioritize maintaining and repairing the integrity and overall health of the hair.

With this new business model, philosophy, standards, and uncompromising core values we felt it was time for our name to be in alignment with who we really are and accurately represent our brand.  That’s when Next Level Hair Designs was born.


Our Philosophy

The guest always comes first.  When you enter through our doors you are welcomed as a member of the Next Level family.  We recognize your significance and value because without you we would not exist.  We understand and appreciate that your needs and desires are just as unique and special as you are.  We appreciate your support but more importantly we value your relationship and complete happiness.  We recognize you have choices.  Choices on how to spend your time, your hard-earned money and who you decide to support.  With so many choices we are humbled that you chose us.  We don’t take that choice lightly or your trust in us for granted.  We will always provide you with exceptional service and do what is necessary to ensure 100% satisfaction every time.  We value our process, our reputation, our team, our brand but most of all we value you and your overall happiness.  At Next Level Hair Designs you are appreciated, you are valued, and you are loved.    


Our Standards

When you are a guest of Next Level Hair Designs you will experience our passion and commitment to your happiness.  You will get a taste of what it means to be a part of a family that is committed to ensuring you have an exceptional experience with results that fare exceed your expectation.  Through our craft, our mission is to have a positive impact on your happiness, your health, and your life.  This is why our motto is Look Better…Feel Better…Live Better