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Workout Nutrition

(IGNITION) Glycogen Replenishment Formula


When to use:  

Pre/Post/Intra Workout


How to use:


Pre-Workout 1/2 scoop of Ignition with one (1) scoop of Phormula-1® in six (6) oz of water.

Post-Workout: one (1) scoop of Ignition with two (2) scoops of Phormula-1® in twelve (12) oz of water.

For Endurance: Mix one (1) scoop Ignition with 32 oz of water or juice and consume before, during and after event.



Pre-Workout: 1/4 scoop of Ignition with 1/2 scoop of Phormula-1® in four (4) oz of water.

Post-Workout: 1/2 scoop Ignition with one (1) scoop of Phormula-1® in six (6) oz of water.

For Endurance: Mix one (1) scoop of Ignition with 32oz of water or juice and consume before, during and after event.


Replenishes Glycogen Stores, Improves Muscle Stamina, Spikes Insulin, Ignites Muscle Growth

It’s no mystery that quality muscle gains start with your post-workout nutrition. What you put into your body immediately after intense exercise can make or break your results. Ignition was designed to address the most overlooked component of proper post workout nutrition— replenishing your glycogen stores and spiking your insulin for maximum protein and nutrient assimilation.

You’ve been hearing for years to drink protein immediately after your workout, but that’s only part of the story! The truth is that protein post workout is only a small component of what your body needs for proper recovery and is not even its top priority when you walk out of the gym. Taking a protein shake on its own is better than taking nothing at all, but at 1st Phorm® we are about getting you the best possible results, not the “better than nothing” results. Flying solo with protein only after a workout means that your body will very slowly digest this protein, convert most of it into glucose and push it into the cell as glycogen. That translates into a lot of wasted time, effort, and money on your part and leaves no protein in the end to build and repair with since it has all been converted into glycogen. The time and effort that your body could be recovering or building muscle is spent with remedial digestive tasks; money you’ve spent on proteins is essentially wasted in the conversion process. In addition to a whey isolate, you should always consume a fast absorbing carbohydrate that spikes your insulin levels to replenish glycogen stores and take full advantage of the proteins you are taking.

Glycogen is your body’s carbohydrate stores that serve essentially as your on-board battery. Training with weights severely depletes your glycogen stores and drains the battery. We all know how pumped we get in the gym and how great we feel when we walk out, but we all also know about that “flat” feeling we get about an hour later after the pump wears off. That “flat” feeling is from a lack of glycogen in the muscle – you used it all up at the gym and your body is scrambling to take every-thing you throw at it to fill them back up again. Your body is programmed to address this issue first when you walk out of the gym. It does not care about building muscle or burning fat—its focus is on charging that battery back-up. Building muscle and burning fat aren’t essential for survival, having the proper amount of glycogen on-board is. Your body is programmed for survival first and that’s what it's going to take care of, replenishing glycogen. Until that’s taken care of you can forget about your body repairing and rebuilding muscle. Ignition is pure dexanhydrous glucose. There is not a form of carbohydrates anywhere known to man that is more pure or refined or that can deliver glycogen directly to the muscles any faster. It literally will ignite muscle growth by replenishing your glycogen stores immediately and spiking your insulin levels to allow maximum protein assimilation. In a nutshell, it creates an optimal environment for recovery and protein synthesis.Insulin is a hormone in your body and if you harness it’s power correctly and at the right times, it will lead to explosive muscle growth. Insulin is, for all intents and purposes, the key that unlocks your cell to allow proteins into it. When an insulin spike occurs, the muscle cell doors open to allow your body to absorb protein. In doing so you are able to retain and utilize a much higher percentage of protein by pushing it straight into the muscle cell for conversion.

Unlike other simple or fast absorbing carbohydrate sources such as sucrose, fructose, and even waxy maize starch that offer little to no insulin response, Ignition actually delivers pure dexanhydrous glucose to the cell which offers an insulin spike up to 6X greater than these other sugars. One serving of Ignition delivers 46 grams of pure dexanhydrous glucose directly to the muscle cell for an insulin spike unsurpassed by any other product or source. Ignition is also designed to bypass liver storage in order to hit your muscles immediately. Other sugars must be collected in the liver first and then be distributed slowly throughout the body from there, this can take several hours. Ignition saves valuable time and gets the body in recovery mode instantly!

Don’t waste your money on expensive proteins just for your body to inefficiently waste them by converting them into glycogen slowly over time. Always stack Ignition with your high quality hydrolyzed whey isolate post workout. The very first time you take Ignition you will notice the immediate effects of increased energy, increased muscle stamina, huge pumps and increased mental alertness. Ignition allows you to do something no other product does: Buy time. When you stack Ignition with a high quality hydrolyzed whey isolate immediately after your training, you are buying muscle-building time. By shortening your recovery time, you are adding muscle-building time to your day, in fact, in many cases up to several hours a day. Over the course of a year it adds up…for a person who just casually trains 3X a week it tallies up to almost a month of extra muscle building time you didn’t have before.

Ignition lives up to its name by igniting the anabolic growth process in your body. You will see and feel the results in a matter of days and in no time, you’ll be filling out your shirtsleeves with incredible pumps!

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