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(M-Factor Goddess) Multivitamin for Women


How to use:

On Training Days:

Take one serving in the morning and one serving in the afternoon.

On Non-Training Days:

Take one serving in the morning.


Delivers Essential Vitamins, Minerals, and Micro-Nutrients to Boost Your Immune System, Jump-Start Energy, Help Prevent Premature Aging, and Stimulate Hormone Function

Let’s be honest ... we all know we need a multi- vitamin, but did you know the kind you take matters? M-Factor Goddess® has all the essential micro-nutrients and key amino acids our bodies need to boost our immune system. It contains a super-food antioxidant blend to help fight off premature aging, a natural blend of green tea to keep energy levels up, and is made specifically for women. From M-Factor Goddess’s easily digestible outer capsule covering to the female-specific ingredients that fight free radicals and help keep us sane during that 1 week a month, M-Factor Goddess just works better. M-Factor Goddess is a pharmaceutical-grade multivitamin that will ensure you deliver the optimal amounts of micro-nutrients to your system to boost your immune system and enable your body to perform its essential metabolic processes to keep you functioning at your best. Not only does M-Factor Goddess contain the essential vitamins and minerals, it contains them in the precise ratios that are needed to support the various diverse biochemical functions and demands to protect your body. Whether your fitness goal is to tone up, lose weight, or simply maintain a healthy body, M-Factor Goddess is the cornerstone for your nutrition and supplementation program.

M-Factor Goddess was formulated specifically to provide the female body with all of the essential micro-nutrients that it needs to support peak metabolic function and boost immune function. Its Performance Energy Complex jump starts your energy levels with a natural blend of green tea and key amino acids. M-Factor Goddess' Super-food Antioxidant Complex is a powerful blend of super-foods formulated to protect your body from oxidative stress that can lead to premature aging. The vitamin's Goddess Health Complex stimulates natural hormone function so you're sure to look and feel your absolute best!

When you're planning your nutrition and supplementation program, be sure to make M-Factor Goddess priority number one-without it you are missing out on the complete intended benefits that your other supplements, and even your own diet, bring to the table.

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